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Peak 5 Advisors is passionate about saving you money. One of the most expensive costs for many businesses is the buying of energy. The procurement of energy at a reasonable cost is a time-consuming task, as it involves collecting and analyzing various energy suppliers’ daily quotes on an ongoing and consistent basis.

Dedicated, ongoing effort and consistency are key terms here. Peak 5 Advisors analyze energy statistics continuously, non-stop. Because energy, specifically electricity and natural gas are commodities, the market for commodities changes daily.

Keeping abreast of the market on a daily, ongoing basis takes time. Saving you money is our business model. We keep on top of the information you need so you can attend to all the other tasks required of you.

Not too many businesses actually employ an energy manager dedicated to this time-consuming and finely detailed task. This is where an energy advisor’s total attention is focused daily: on collecting and analyzing daily statistics from a wide variety of energy suppliers and market statistics to offer the client the best possible long term pricing and hedging strategies for all their energy needs.

Peak 5 Advisors is passionate about saving businesses money. We make it our business to make sure your business is in the best possible position financially. Procurement of energy in the smoothest and most cost-efficient manner is our goal for your business. Call or email today.


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Peak 5 Advisors is a leading commercial real estate tax and energy consulting firm. We are relentless in achieving the highest level of service and quantifiable results for our clients.

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