Volatility around the corner

The convergence of many different factors in the energy markets has created a somewhat perfect storm for locking in low rates for gas and electricity end users. Historically low natural gas prices, an unseasonably mild first half of winter, a glut of natural gas in reserve, have all converged to create the lowest energy prices in a decade. As good as all this sounds for the energy consumer right now, signs are accumulating that portend that these prices will become much more volatile very soon and perhaps for years into the future. For these reasons, Peak 5 Advisors are strongly recommending that you call them today to ensure that your energy demands can be met at the lowest possible price now and into the future.

Now is the time for commercial and retail consumers to lock in these low rates. Waiting for lower rates is not advised as experts are predicting that energy prices will likely rise and perhaps rise much higher due to other factors, including the increased regulation and rapid decline of coal-fired power plants that have historically been very cheap and reliable sources of energy. The market for energy may be entering a long period of increased volatility and it is strongly advised that now is the time to act. Give us a call today and take advantage of the current low price energy market.


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