Property Tax Services

County-wide computer assisted mass appraisals often leave properties over-assessed by governmental authorities. Peak 5 Advisors’ property tax professionals have years of real estate valuation and negotiation experience. We possess the industry knowledge to identify over-assessed real estate and the expertise necessary to relieve the burden of over-taxation.

Property Tax Appeals

Our Appeals Practice

Peak 5 Advisors’ real property tax appeal practice looks out for our clients’ best interests by dealing with county and municipality ad valorem tax assessors across North America. We are experienced in all facets of real estate valuation appeals, having served the entire spectrum of property types and industries. From informal discussions to formal appeals, we provide the most effective solutions to achieve favorable results for our clients.

Our Appeals Process

We will review the current and proposed assessment of your property and make a recommendation based on our analysis.

If an appeal is ultimately warranted, we will complete a comprehensive review of the property and its financial history, diligently research the local market and recent transactions using the most trusted real estate data providers and formalize a case presentation based around the three approaches to value; income, sales and cost.

Once our case materials are finalized, we aggressively negotiate the value to the proper authority with the utmost professionalism. We escalate the appeal through each additional administrative board until a satisfactory result is obtained. We achieve reductions in over 95% of the properties we appeal.

Personal Property

Personal Property Valuation Reviews

We will review the  the assessed value and determine the accuracy and methodology used to value each personal property item and identify any value variances that may be opportunities for tax refunds or appeal opportunities.

Personal Property Tax Appeals

Once a tax refund or appeal opportunity has been identified, we will complete a comprehensive personal property valuation analysis as of the lien date and negotiate the personal property values with the assessor.

Personal Property Return Filings

We can provide the annual and timely filing of personal property returns.

Tax incentives

Is your business thinking of building new facilities, consolidating facilities, relocating facilities, increasing employment or trying to retain employees? If so, your organization may qualify for attractive property tax credits or curtailments offered by jurisdictions to incentivize or disincentivize your decision in the form of abatements and exemptions. Peak 5 Advisors can help your company realize these tax credits and incentives when available.

Accruals and Estimates

Projecting future property tax liabilities is essential for budgeting purposes. We are able to provide annual projections of anticipated property tax liabilities and information related to payment due dates, refund status and early payment discount options when available.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have professionals with significant experience in real estate valuation who have all the necessary tools and data sources to properly value your property and negotiate with the assessor based on that valuation. Most times, lawyers are well versed in only the rules, regulations and forms involved in an appeal, and not so much with the underlying asset. When necessary, our lawyers handle the red tape extraneous to the actual property valuation. Our service is very different than the part an attorney plays in filing a tax appeal. You can still retain your attorney and benefit from our services at the same time.
We are not an appraisal firm. Appraisers are not allowed to have their interests aligned with yours, meaning they will value the real estate and charge you a fee whether their concluded value is conducive to your appeal or not. We partner with our network of appraisers when necessary and beneficial to you.
Tax assessing counties and municipalities oftentimes over-assess real property in their jurisdiction. To get these government entities to reassess property is usually difficult, complex and time consuming. As a result, many property owners would rather just overpay their property taxes to avoid the hassle. Our professionals are accustomed to the process and are very in-tune with what is necessary to deal with these entities; we do it so you don’t have to, it’s what we do professionally.
The value that any individual investor would pay for your property is irrelevant to how the assessor values your property.
There are very few opportunities in life with no risk and all reward; this is one of them. The only risk in this process is taken on by us since we put in all the necessary legwork, man-hours and oftentimes legal fees ahead of time. There is no money out of your pocket unless we are successful in lowering your tax burden, in which case you will be saving money.
If a reduction significantly affects the budgets of local government services, the auditor will slightly raise the tax rate for all taxable property in the jurisdiction, so that the burden is shared fairly by all property owners, not unfairly against just you.
Every case is different; it varies from a few weeks to many months. We stay the course no matter what until the end.
Our fee is contingency based. We are paid absolutely nothing unless we reduce your property tax burden, at which time we take a percentage of the total savings. The more you save, the more we make. We put in all the work up front for free.

Contact us. We will take an in-depth look at your property, place a value on it, compare that value to the assessed value and tell you if we think we can help you or not.