Appraisal Management

Peak 5 Advisors has relationships with a host of commercial appraisers who are experts in appraising real property for purposes of tax appeals, acquisitions and dispositions. We handle the entire process.


Finding the right appraiser

Our team will identify trusted, ethical appraisers in our network who have proven experience appraising your specific property type in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


Getting the best price

We bid the assignment out, ensuring the highest quality appraisal at the best price within the needed time frame.



We review the appraisal to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Commercial Appraisals We Manage

Appraisal Report

(Normally 60 – 200 pages). Typically used in commercial valuation situations requiring comprehensive detail and in-depth documentation of the analysis and rationale behind the appraiser’s value conclusion. This report is used by lenders, developers, government agencies, tax disputes, expert witness, and litigation.

Restricted Appraisal Report

(Normally 5 – 30 pages) Typically includes a desk top analysis, drive-by or full on-site inspection, description of property characteristics, photographs, and the opinion of value. This type of report is restricted for the sole and exclusive use of the client and not for third parties. It can be used for a preliminary value estimate and the first step in determining how to proceed in a legal dispute, lender internal use, buy or sell decisions and other limited intended uses.