Energy Management

Peak 5 Advisors brings a full suite of advisory services to facilitate your company’s energy procurement and hedging strategy. We can help identify and overcome the challenges of energy procurement and budgeting by leveraging our energy market expertise and supplier relationships, enabling your company to take full advantage of the deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.

Procurement and Advisory

When and how you buy energy matters. But how do you make sense of the energy market, manage volatility, stay on budget and still run your business? Electricity and natural gas price management has evolved into a perplexing and time consuming task for many businesses. The deregulated energy market transformation is great for businesses and consumers, but it requires you to engage the right partner to assist you in understanding and effectively managing all of your energy related risks. Peak 5 Advisors is your trusted partner to get you the lowest rates at the right time with the supplier and contract that best suits your energy needs.

We are able to customize an energy procurement and hedging strategy based on your company’s goals and risk appetite.

Energy Evaluation

To start off, our energy consultants will conduct a comprehensive energy evaluation and compare your costs and contracts to current market rates. From our evaluation, we will recommend an energy strategy going forward. Since we are able to lock-in forward contracts up to 24 months in advance, we will sometimes advise you to hold off on entering into a new contract until a more opportune time in the market presents itself, at which time we will contact you.

Energy Procurement

(Your cost of energy is affected by a number of factors that are constantly changing. We mitigate risk and expenses by managing your price risk, supply options and contracts. Peak 5 Advisors has relationships with numerous suppliers, giving us the ability to clear the market, all while maintaining our third party objectivity – we always look out for our customers’ best interests.

Energy Management

The most important part of our job is to keep you informed on the price of energy. If your current supplier only contacts you when your contract is due for renewal, they are not looking out for your best interests. We constantly monitor and analyze market trends and fluctuations to keep each individual customer informed. Let our expertise in the energy markets give your business an edge.