Appraisal Management

Peak 5 Advisors has relationships with a panel of commercial appraisers for property tax appeals, property acquisitions and property dispositions. Our team handles the entire appraisal process – ensuring the highest quality appraisal at the best price within the needed time frame.


Energy Management

Peak 5 Advisors brings a full suite of advisory services to facilitate your company’s energy procurement and hedging strategy. We can help identify and overcome the challenges of energy procurement and budgeting by leveraging our energy market expertise and supplier relationships, enabling your company to take full advantage of the deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.

Property Tax.

Property Tax Services

County-wide computer assisted mass appraisals often leave properties over-assessed by governmental authorities. Peak 5 Advisors’ property tax professionals have years of real estate valuation and negotiation experience. We possess the industry knowledge to identify over-assessed real estate and the expertise necessary to relieve the burden of over-taxation.

Why choose us?

Property Tax Appeal Services

Peak 5 Advisors provides comprehensive commercial property tax services to its clients, minimizing their property tax burden.

  • Review current assessment.
  • Complete property valuation estimate.
  • Prepare appeal recommendation and strategy.
  • Manage the appeal process in its entirety.

Market Differentiation

The industry is currently split between law firms, with deep legal and procedural expertise, and large national property tax firms, that focus on large, institutional clients and REITs. Peak 5 fills the gap to fit the needs of any sized client, using specialized knowledge of local appeal processes and unrivaled customer service.


Our professionals are experienced in all facets of real estate valuation appeals, having served the entire spectrum of property types and industries. We are respected across the country for our involvement and track record of successful ad valorem appeals.

How We Deliver

Our team of consultants, legal counsel and network of appraisers are ready to take the next steps and handle the entire appeal process. This translates into an efficient, effective appeal that costs you absolutely nothing unless we are successful.

Energy Management Services

Peak 5 Advisors specializes in helping companies hedge, control and manage their energy costs on an ongoing basis in deregulated markets.

  • Conduct a comprehensive energy evaluation.
  • Review current contract(s) for competiveness.
  • Streamline the supplier bidding process.
  • Standardize bids and negotiate the best terms.

Market Knowledge

In order to benefit from deregulated energy markets, you need a trusted advisor that constantly monitors the price of electricity and understands the commodity markets that ultimately drive that price.

Timing is Everything

We monitor the volatility of the energy markets and inform clients of opportune times to lock-in rates in order to benefit from, and hedge, market volatility.

Energy Management is Key

If your current supplier only notifies you when your current contract is ending, your best interests are not being looked after. We are proactive when it comes to energy management.