Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Through an integrated approach, Peak 5 Advisors works with municipal, county and state government officials to deliver meaningful cost reductions to our clients. As a business with a client focus, we are aggressive negotiators, pursue the highest ethical standards and align our goals with those of our clients by making our services purely contingency based.

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If we don’t reduce your tax burden, we don’t get paid. County-wide computer assisted mass appraisals often leave properties over-assessed by governmental authorities. Peak 5 Advisors’ property tax professionals have years of real estate valuation and negotiation experience. We possess the industry knowledge to identify over-assessed real estate and the expertise necessary to relieve the burden of over-taxation.

Peak 5 Advisors’ real property tax appeal practice looks out for our clients’ best interests by dealing with county and municipality ad valorem tax assessors across North America. We are experienced in all facets of real estate valuation appeals, having served the entire spectrum of property types and industries. From informal discussions to formal appeals, we provide the most effective solutions to achieve favorable results for our clients.


Peak 5 advisors has appealed over $1 billion of real property value. Our property tax appeal success rate is over 95%.

Industries Served:


Manufacturing, Warehouse, Flex,
R&D and Distribution Centres


Hospitals, Medical Offices, Medical Centres and Nursing Homes


Hotels and
Recreational Facilities


Retail Stores, Shopping Malls,
Auto, and Restaurants


Corporate Headquarters
and Multi-tenant

Our appeals process

We will review the current and proposed assessment of your property and make a recommendation based on our analysis.

If an appeal is ultimately warranted, we will complete a comprehensive review of the property and its financial history, diligently research the local market and recent transactions using the most trusted real estate data providers and formalize a case presentation based around the three approaches to value; income, sales and cost.

Once our case materials are finalized, we aggressively negotiate the value to the proper authority with the utmost professionalism. We escalate the appeal through each additional administrative board until a satisfactory result is obtained. We achieve reductions in over 95% of the properties we appeal.

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  • 5Handle the Process in its Entirety
  • 6Hand-deliver your Refund Check

Trusted Partner

“When our property rolled off a ten-year abatement, we turned to Peak 5 Advisors to get our property value in line. They over- delivered, cutting our property value in half.”

- Tom Madden, CFO, THK Manufacturing

Savings Straight To Our Bottom Line

“We decided to roll the dice with Peak 5 and they delivered a big league refund and tax savings for Mettler Toledo. These gentlemen are true professionals.”

- Tim Dodovski, Controller, Mettler Toledo

Providing Tax & Energy Savings

“We rely on Peak 5’s innovative approach to deliver substantial tax and energy savings for our facilities. Peak 5 has provided outstanding value and meaningful savings for TS Tech.”

- Bob Brindle, Manager, TS Tech

THK Manufacturing

  • FMV Reduction: $7,855,700
  • FMV Reduction Percentage: 42.8%
  • Effective Tax Rate: 2.12%
  • Annual Tax Savings: $166,077
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ShurTech Distribution Warehouse

  • FMV Reduction: $7,053,240
  • FMV Reduction Percentage: 25.1%
  • Effective Tax Rate: 2.23%
  • Annual Tax Savings: $141,559
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Laurelwood Mental Health Faciltity

  • FMV Reduction: $11,126,120
  • FMV Reduction Percentage: 69.1%
  • Effective Tax Rate: 2.51%
  • Annual Tax Savings: $279,576
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